About Me

My art career began at the age of four. Inspired by a mural my father had painted of ducks on a tranquil pond, I drew eight, life-sized, Sesame Street characters in crayon on the other three walls of my bedroom! Resisting the urge to ship me off to China, my parents decided to encourage my budding talent and made certain that I was never without a generous supply of crayons and paper to draw on. As for my tribute to Big Bird and the gang, it remained along with my father's mural, until we moved the following year.

Flash forward 14 years to the year 1988 when I began my formal, commercial and fine art education at the Maryland Institute College of Art. After gaining a solid foundation in Baltimore, I continued my studies at Maine College of Art, where in addition to painting and drawing, I also studied courses such as photography and printmaking. Upon completing my Junior year in Portland, I transferred to Florida's Ringling School of Art and Design, where I focused on commercial art, electing illustration as my major. Shortly after college, I began working professionally as a graphic artist and have been working in that capacity ever since.

I enjoy working with a variety of subject matter, media, and styles. I use traditional materials including pen & ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint along with digital media. One of my aspirations is to have a children's book published. If a 4-year-old kid were to draw the book's characters on their bedroom walls, that would bring a mischievous grin to my face.